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Our passion: Textile art

At Tufting Box, we are more than just a tufting supply store. We are a community of passionate textile artists, dedicated to making the wonderful technique of tufting accessible and rewarding for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

We are proud to provide a high-quality selection of tools and materials, accompanied by step-by-step tutorials and excellent customer support. But beyond products, we offer a space for creativity, innovation and shared learning.

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Frequent questions

What is tufting?

Tufting is a very popular craft technique that has revolutionized the world of textile and rug design. This technique, which involves creating loops of thread on a fabric base, allows artists and craftsmen to produce custom rugs and tapestries with a stunning variety of textures and designs.

The most important thing about tufting is the tufting gun , a special gun that inserts threads into a base, typically fabric, creating loops that can then be cut or left intact depending on the desired effect. This tool has democratized rug creation, making production faster and more accessible, without sacrificing artistic quality.

How to start tufting?

Research and learning of the technique

There are countless tutorials on YouTube to learn how to make rugs so you can get started.

Tools and materials to start Tufting:

Tufting Gun : The gun is the main element of this craft, without it you won't be able to start doing anything.

Fabric : The tufting fabric is what you are going to sew the wool threads on. It must be robust so that it can hold up without problems.

Threads : Threads are those that will give color to your rug. You must choose high quality threads.

Frames: You need a frame with a firm construction to hold the fabric taut as you work.