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Warm Ivory Wool Yarn

Warm Ivory Wool Yarn

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Transform your artistic vision into a masterpiece with our premium line of 100% New Zealand wool. Immerse yourself in a palette of deep and vibrant shades, meticulously selected to bring your designs to life and take your rugs to an unmatched level.


Anti-pilling: Prevents pilling or lint from forming.
Antistatic: Forget about annoying static electricity.
Unique coloring: Distinctive colors that capture the essence of the art.
Moth repellent and insecticide: Protection against pests.


High quality.
3 layers / S and S folded.
Weight: 500g.
Length: approximately 640 m.
Texture: 1000/3 tex.

    Carefully dyed in small batches to ensure uniqueness, our wool is built to last. Not only is it robust and durable, but it also repels water and resists dirt, ensuring that each of your creations maintains its beauty and durability over time.

    Optimized to work in harmony with our tufting machines, this yarn comes in handy cardboard cones, ready to be the star of your next art project.

    We understand that accurately interpreting a color through a screen can be challenging. That's why we've provided a hexadecimal code reference for each tone. This reference will give you a more exact approximation of the real color, making it easier for you to choose and guaranteeing maximum satisfaction in your artistic projects.

    Let your creativity run wild with our New Zealand tufting yarn, and turn each project into a work of art that will amaze and delight all who see it.

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    Sandra Felde
    Warm Ivory

    A wonderful warm sandy tone. Great quality