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AK Duo Extended Tufting Gun – Redefining the Boundaries of Tufting

🌟 About the Product:
Introducing the AK Duo - Cut & Loop Extended Tufting Gun, the avant-garde in tufting tools designed especially for crafting exquisite high pile rugs and intricate high pile details. Representing the newest wave in tufting technology, this tool delivers unmatched versatility, precision, and convenience, propelling your tufting experiences to unparalleled heights.

Finally you can add texture to your pieces without needing a pneumatic tufting setup!

📌 Key Features:

  • Versatility at Its Peak: Easily transition between cut pile and loop pile designs, giving you the freedom to experiment with diverse textures and craft uniquely stunning pieces.
  • Tailored Pile Heights: With adjustable height settings ranging from 35-45mm, your tufting visions have no limits.
  • Effortless High Pile Creation: Craft luxurious SHAG pile designs without the need for an external air compressor.

    🔧 Specifications:

    • In the Box: Tool-set and an additional pair of scissors.
    • Pile Height: 35-45mm (HIGH PILE).
    • Speed ​​to Suit Your Needs: Adjustable speeds from 5-45 stitches/sec.
    • Light and Lively: Weighing just 2.1 kg, it combines extensive features in a lightweight package.

    🛠 The Pinnacle of High Pile Tufting:
    Whether you're crafting longer, textured finishes with cut pile or aiming for a condensed aesthetic with loop pile, the AK Duo Extended has you covered.

    Elevate your tufting aspirations with the AK Duo Extended Tufting Gun. Unleash your creativity, and turn your visions into tactile masterpieces. Ready to embark on an unparalleled tufting journey? Add to cart now!

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