Collection: Cardboard Cone

Cardboard Cones are the optimal solution for efficient and safe winding of your thread. With guaranteed dimensional accuracy, our cones are designed to fit various automatic and manual winding machines.

One distinguishing feature of our cones is their PLUSH surface. We use paper fiber to create a smooth and clean surface that protects the quality of the thread throughout the winding process. This surface not only safeguards your thread but also provides excellent retention properties for proper thread initiation.

But that's not all. Our paper thread cones are perfectly balanced and round, eliminating heavy spots around the circumference, especially during seam overlap. This unique design ensures that our cones rotate smoothly at the maximum operating speed.

In summary, our Cardboard Cones offer a superior solution for your thread winding needs, with guaranteed dimensional accuracy, a unique protective surface, and a balanced, round design for smooth and efficient operation. For all these reasons, our paper thread cones are the perfect choice for your thread production.